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  Universal Remote Control
for IT Operations Management
nAble is designed to adapt seamlessly and rapidly to your existing IT infrastructure, thus adding immediate value without extensive implementation efforts. nAble is the only IT operations management software that:
  • Uses Web Services architecture to bridge the fragmented data, functionality and expertise that already exists within our customers' environments.
  • Automates rapid, intelligent diagnostic interpretation and corrective action across the multiple components of a business system.
  • Semantically maps the relationships of interdependent technology components within a common information model for enhanced, integrated functionality and intelligence.
  • Offers an agent-free architecture and ubiquitous client (any browser), which substantially reduces the cost of implementation and maintenance.
  • Integrates new capabilities on-the-fly, across new hardware and software platforms, using an online add-on library.
  • Features an integrated, centralized knowledge base that captures best practices in real-time, allowing users to harness the expertise of every other customer.

Features   Elaboration
Platform-neutral diagnostics, functionality
  • Ascertain appropriate application-level connections, by reviewing HTTP, ODBC, Win32, telnet, and Windows command line result sets.
  • View memory utilization, disk usage, CPU levels, event logs, temperature, interface status, running services, active processes and task status for servers, applications, and network devices.
  • Stop/start services, launch/kill processes, reboot devices, reset interfaces, and launch scripts or executables. Manage print servers, file systems, and users, check backups.
  • Use ping and traceroute utilities, and telnet into network devices.
Broadly configurable
  • Set up consolidated views of key metrics and status by location, business system, topology, or device type, and drill down to specific component-level diagnostics and functionality.
  • Access any diagnostic information, configuration data, and management functionality available through WMI, SNMP, WBEM, ODBC, Windows command line, HTTP, telnet, etc.
  • Manual processes and common tasks can be packaged into single-click functionality.
  • Place frequently-used commands on the dashboard for one-click access.
Highly secure
  • nAble uses standard Web security protocols (SSL, VPN, NTLM authentication, etc.) so as not to introduce any further security vulnerabilities to a customer's environment.
  • An enhanced security configuration can place nAble's authentication service in the DMZ, while securing the management services functionality within the private network.
Standards-based integration architecture
  • Attempting to integrate all systems with proprietary or hand-coded connectors is costly and unnecessary. Instead, nAble uses open, standards-based technologies (such as those advocated by the Distributed Management Task Force) to integrate disparate sources quickly. As a result, nAble supports a wide range of systems, eliminates the need for costly agent software, and centralizes integration intelligence.
Extensive user management
  • nAble fully supports an organization's existing user authentication and access model. However, the software includes its own flexible access model that logs all user activity. nAble can allow a separate degree of control over specific management resources or groups of resources, by user or by user group.
Context-rich data model
  • Most applications rely on hard-coded data models that inherently limit flexibility in defining context and hierarchy. nAble features a unique data model that is infinitely hierarchical, and offers unlimited flexibility. As a result, our technology facilitates a semantic mapping of infrastructure relationships, dependencies, and context. By tying context directly to the data model, nAble improves synthesis capabilities which in turn enables effective management of business systems, not just technology components.
Online add-on library
  • Most products only make new functionality available through upgrades and new releases. Our online add-on library delivers new functionality to supported customers in real-time, any time. This provides customers with plug-and-play utility across an ever-increasing landscape of hardware, software and service platforms.
Rapidly installed and easily customized
  • Install nAble on any WindowsNT, Windows2000 or WindowsXP server, using Apache or IIS.
  • Quickly configure it to work with any server and network device