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  Universal Remote Control
for IT Operations Management
Benefits and Advantages
nAble simplifies management of your IT operations, which enhances IT service levels and reduces operational costs. The comprehensive feature list achieves the following key benefits.

Benefits   How nAble Delivers
Increase effectiveness of Tier 1 support
  • Consolidate views, in context: "Dashboards" for each business system eliminate fragmented viewpoints, providing simple-to-understand, consolidated views of key metrics and the status of underlying technology components. Component-level dashboards also indicate system-level dependencies.
  • Interpret diagnostics faster: nAble automates the collection and interpretation of diagnostic information across multiple sources, highlighting the root cause of critical failures much faster than manual efforts.
  • Resolve issues rapidly: Support staff can quickly determine system-level problems and take component-level action. Simple one-click, rules-based corrective actions, applied across any number of servers or network nodes, can be designed by expert staff and applied by Tier 1.
Better leverage distributed expertise
  • Improve staff collaboration: nAble is accessible from any Internet browser (including wireless PDAs), accelerating collaboration and results among disparate support staff.
  • Reduce skill requirements: nAble's simplified, customizable management console eliminates the expertise required to use multiple vendor-specific management tools.
  • Distribute support roles: Separate user privileges/permissions model enables flexible (and controlled) distribution of support roles to different departments or groups, even enabling self-service support models.
  • Harness world-wide expertise: Our exclusive metaAble technology captures the expertise of every customer within a real-time knowledge base, and securely re-distributes that value in the form of recommended configurations, enhanced dashboard metrics, and intelligent interpretation.
Ease the lives of on-call support staff
  • Manage systems from anywhere: Anywhere, anytime functionality provides freedom and mobility to on-call staff, and velocity to diagnosis/resolution. Support staff don't have to stay near a specially-configured computer when on-call, nor manually switch between multiple disparate tools to diagnose an issue and take corrective action.
  • Customize on-the-fly: Staff can customize nAble, and add deeper and/or broader management capabilities on-the-fly, by accessing an online add-on library. Our agent-free, thin client architecture and online add-on library makes sure you never suffer from an incomplete installation when you need it most.
Standardize processes and improve documentation
  • Centralize documentation: nAble is one source for documentation of configurations, technology interdependencies, and escalation contacts across your entire infrastructure.
  • Increase efficiency: Improve staff productivity and new employee ramp-up by standardizing on a single, simplified point of management.
  • Automate tasks: Have your experts package diagnosis and corrective action processes for single-click access and improved support by less-skilled personnel.