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  Universal Remote Control
for IT Operations Management
About Siaxx Corporation
Simplification, uniformity and intelligence are necessary prerequisites to the next order of magnitude improvement in IT operations efficiency.

Imagine if every technology component could be managed uniformly, from anywhere, using the same management application. The challenges of personnel availability and access to the right tools would be eliminated. Imagine if that application could also harness the knowledge and experience of every other IT manager, to not only monitor and interpret cross-source diagnostics, but also instrument corrective actions and recommend appropriate configurations. Expertise requirements would decrease, while the capabilities of individual personnel would expand. Imagine if a standard set of management and support practices could be applied without requiring deep experience within each and every application, operating system, and management interface. The time requirements and cost of manual efforts would be substantially reduced. Siaxx is developing this enabling technology, which we believe will lead to a revolution in IT operations efficiency.

With nAble, Siaxx envisions a radical new approach to IT operations management. Hardware, software and service offerings continue to multiply, each evolving with deep (albeit product-specific) management functionality. We see an opportunity to unify those multiple disparate tools within a consolidated interface that offers intelligent business system management and cross-source functionality. Siaxx was incorporated in March 2001 with the vision of the Universal Remote Control for IT operations management, where one secure interface, available from anywhere, offers a tremendously simplified and accelerated management experience. Our business objective is to provide this product to mid-size IT organizations, helping them achieve enterprise-grade support levels and operational efficiencies.