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Our Founders
The founding Siaxx team consists of two experienced technology entrepreneurs.

Jordan Mitchell, our CEO, spent the last five years founding and building a profitable e-business solutions firm in the Pacific Northwest. He took his firm through two acquisitions, finally ending up at MPL2.COM. As General Manager of the Microsoft business unit, he directly contributed to their aggressive growth up to a $35M+ run rate, making MPL2.COM the largest online solutions firm in the Pacific Northwest. When MPL2.COM merged with Saltmine in April 2000, Jordan led the company's strategic business development and practice expansion efforts until his departure in November 2000. Previous to his push in the e-business solutions space, Jordan was a controller for a high-tech advertising agency, and before that, spent 4 years with an international CPA firm in San Francisco. Jordan graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in accounting and an emphasis in information systems.

Ivan Gevirtz, our CTO, most recently helped launch's award-winning Anywhere initiative. His roles there included architecting and engineering all of Amazon's major US initiatives, including the world's first mobile shopping applications on cell phones and PDAs. Ivan came to Amazon through the acquisition of Convergence Corporation, where he helped develop a scalable wireless e-commerce engine. Before joining Convergence, Ivan founded an independent consulting organization aimed at meeting strategic IT needs in larger corporations. His clients included Lotus Development Corporation, Avid Technology, and Intel. One of Ivan's teams at Avid achieved world-wide recognition when they won an Oscar for technical achievement. Ivan founded his first company, Vispertek Corporation, before graduating early from MIT with an S.B. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences.


Network downtime (outages and service degradation) costs enterprises with more than 1000 employees an estimated $32.7 million per year in lost productivity and revenue. (Infonetics Research)

Because e-business processing involves the linkage of internal IT processes with external processing and services, IS organizations need to extend their monitoring and management capabilities beyond the firewall. (Gartner)